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About us

Raja Films is a multimedia production company that works in all aspects of production: broadcast, online, theatrical, education and cross-media. Founded by accredited PIXEL LAB, EAVE, Ties That Bind and EURODOC producers, Raja Films is specialising in high-quality documentaries with a strong social and cultural appeal for the national and international markets. Drawing on his ten-year-long experience, working as a director/producer in the UK, Massimo Garlatti-Costa set up Raja Films in 2004, making it immediately known for its stylistic innovation, cutting edge narratives and popular appeal. We produce work for Italian and UK main terrestrial broadcasters such as BBC, Channel 4 and RAI. Our work have been broadcast by CBS Television Canada, DR TV Denmark, The Box UK, RAI, Mediaset, La7 Italy, RTVSlo, Canal Plus France and MTV Europe.

Awards & Selections

We have a remarkable number of international awards to their credit.

Best Film at Eveo Launch Contest Los Angeles, Premio Speciale MEI Meeting Indipendent Labels, Best Short at Festival du Court Métrage du Clermont-Ferrand, DM Davies Award Welsh International Film Festival, Media Key Award Milan, Premio Moret D'Aur, Premio Mario Quargnolo, Best Social Documentary Premio Marcellino De Baggis, Best Comedy and Best Screenplay at Premio Internazionale Cortometraggi Lovere, Bronze Seal at the International Film & Video Festival IAC London, Festival Internazionale del Cinema Archeologico di Roma, Festival Internazionale del Cinema di Salerno, NodoDoc Film Festival, Rassegna del Cinema di Rovereto, Premio Libero Bizzarri, Trieste Film Festival, Oberhausen International Short Film Festival, São Paulo International Short Films Festival, ICA Institute of Contemporary Arts London, Visioni Italiane, Raindance Film Festival , Brief Encounters Film Festival, Vicino e Lontano Festival, Flicker International Festival Sidney, Capalbio International Short Film Festival.

Our Clients

Our clients appreciate our knowledge in brand logic, our creative ideas for motion media and the fact that we take care of the whole production.

BBC, Channel 4, RAI, Vision Thing UK, Chris Horton Productions, Ball Watch China, Confartigianato, Blockbuster, Società Filologica Friulana, Consorzio Universitario del Friuli, Comunita Collinare del Friuli, Arte Video snc, Universita degli Studi di Udine, Istituto Comprensivo Premariacco, Pro Loco Ragogna, Istituto Comprensivo di Pavia di Udine, Direzione Didattica Manzano, Liceo Scientifico Copernico, Perfectmotion UK, Snaidero Spa, Fantoni Spa, Far East Film Festival, Protezione Civile Italiana, Eflux, Deutsche Grammophon, Comune Tavagnacco, Comune Codroipo, Comune Sedegliano, Comune di Remanzacco, Pianeta Zero, Nuovi Cittadini Onlus, Ente Friuli nel Mondo, Erdisu Udine, Centro Espressioni Cinematografiche Udine, Provincia di Udine, Tucker Film, Patt Spa.

Our Team

Telling good stories is not just about having good ideas but having the right skills to know how a good idea should be told and produced. All of our productions are produced with the upmost care and attention to detail.

Massimo Garlatti-Costa, director/producer


Elisabetta Ursella, art director


Francesca Forte, graphic designer


Our Skills

We are a multimedia production company that works in all different aspects of production: broadcast, online, theatrical, education and cross-media.

Success is a journey not a destination...

Arthur Robert Ashe Jr

What we do

We provide a full service from the genesis of the idea to delivering the final project. We produce for every type of medium, on every type of budget. Commercials, short films, promos, documentaries, feature films, TV production, corporate and music videos. Our approach allows us to provide you almost everything needed for your production. Dealing solely with one single company makes a significant impact on the budget and enables work to be more efficient. All the good things must be done, independent from the resources and they must be done well.


We put an extra effort to help you to articulate your idea to maximise impact.

We believe in strong visual work, sending a clear message to your audience to get the biggest impact from the outcome.


There is a growing interest in educational films. Our educational experts are passionate and creative.

We are specialising in educational programme with an international appeal and instructional films for schools and universities.


We develop and produce documentaries with a strong, original and creative vision.

We are dedicated to high quality documentary making. We strive for the highest quality of film and documentary production possible.


Our films have their own unique cinematic style.

We are a full service production company that handles every production need from start to finish including: writing, producing, editing, and sound.


Transmedia storytelling is the future of communication.

We see the development of multi-platform and crossmedia content as a clear and logical progression of the industry in all fields.


Promotional films, case studies and customer testimonials.

Films that solve problems or achieve business goals, a tool that compliments your marketing, fits into your sales process and can be used across lots of different platforms.

Recent Project

High production values, strong narratives, and stunning visuals create the perfect package. Our growing portfolio of clients covers a wide selection of industry sectors.


"NEW ITALIANS - Greetings from Italy” is a cross media documentary project that aims to portray the lives and cultures of immigrants who have chosen Italy as their adoptive country. "NEW ITALIANS" is a collection of 3-minute video portraits - like “postcards” from 21st century Italy .



Categorydocumentary, crossmedia

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BLECS, clips of Friulian

Blecs it's a video guide aimed at beginner-level learners who wish to acquire a basic grounding in the Friulian language. Divided in 24 instalments grouped by theme, Blecs is conceived in such a way that the user can immediately interact in the Friulian language.

Client: Ente Friuli Nel Mondo

Languages: Italian/Furlan - English/Furlan

Category:educational, crossmedia



FAMILY CINEMA is a project that aims to create, conserve and promote an archive of 8mm and Super8 films from the 1940s to 1970s.

CINEMA DI FAMIGLIA è un progetto che si pone l'obbiettivo di creare, salvaguardare e valorizzare un archivio dei cosidetti "Filmini di Famiglia" dagli anni '40 agli anni '70.



Category:Festival, Archive, 8mm, Super8

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Slider Portfolio

We strongly believe in our projects and in the commercial and artistic possibilities of indeendent filmaking. The constant evolution of digital technologies provide a wide range of tools to the independent companies to make films with affordable budgets without jeopardising their production values.

Category: Documentary, Commercials, Educational, Fiction, Brand Identity

Facebook: Raja Films

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TRAILER - Raja Films in 60 sec

Raja Films is an independent film and television production company specialising in high quality documentaries, dramas and commercials. We are known for our stylistic innovation, cutting edge narratives and popular appeal.



Category: Trailer

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PREDIS la nazione negata

La storia dell'indipendentismo friulano nel Novecento attraverso le figure di tre preti combattenti.



Category:social documentary, film

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